Pumpkinseed Jewelry

Hand Engraved Custom Jewelry, Flasks, and Personalized Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my order to be ready?

Most items are finished in 3-5 days.  If you need something to be rushed, please contact me for available options.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Absolutely!  This depends on the amount you are getting, the item and any other special needs you have.  Feel free to ask!

What is your jewelry made out of?

With very few exceptions, they are all made of solid brass.  Unlike gold-plated or alloys, brass will not rub off and is extremely unlikely to irritate skin.  It is also treated with a protective finish to protect it further.  Prolonged wear and exposure to air, skin oils and moisture may create a patina on your item (which is just a term for a layer that forms to protect the brass when it is exposed to elements).  This gives it a "vintage" look.  However, if you would prefer your item to be shiny and gold, it can be easily cleaned with any brass cleaner like Brasso (available at supermarkets / drugstores for a few dollars) and it will be looking good as new!

Do you sell wholesale?

Absolutely!  The prices depend on the item, and amount being ordered. Please contact me with details about your business and the items you are interested in and I'll get you a quote.

I want something but can't find it on your site.  Is it still available?

It is possible!   Not everything on my Etsy store is available on this page, so just send me a question and I will let you know.  Also if you are looking for something that I don't currently sell,  briefly describe what you are looking to have made and I can look into finding the perfect item for you!