Pumpkinseed Jewelry

Hand Engraved Custom Jewelry, Flasks, and Personalized Gifts

Rebecca ThomasComment

Pumpkinseed Jewelry is the work of Rebecca Thomas, who chose the name from her favorite poem by Robert Hass. Rebecca is a gypsy at heart who takes any chance she can to hop a 10+ hour flight and get lost in places far away from her current digs in Greenpoint Brooklyn (where she also has been known to get lost). Recently she has been assembling the bits and pieces of vintage jewelery she picks up in her travels into the items on this site.

An erstwhile poetry student, engraved verse is prominent in her work, though as Rebecca's not an engraver by nature, it generally is on the back of her items, like a secret, kept close to your heart, but not shown.

All items are available for customization and for larger-scale projects.