Pumpkinseed Jewelry

Hand Engraved Custom Jewelry, Flasks, and Personalized Gifts

Your Words, Crafted Into Timeless Customized Jewelry and Gifts.

Make it Hand Engraved & Make It Personal. 

The Value of Customization

In a world where options are seemingly endless, customization is a sure-fire way to make sure your item will always be treasured.  Fashions may come and go, but your words and sentiments are timeless, and will be remembered forever.  

Every piece I make, I always imagine somebody handing down the piece of jewelry, compass, money clip, etc to their children and grandchildren, because something that was hand-made just for them is something that can become an instant heirloom.

About Rebecca

Pumpkinseed Jewelry is the work of Rebecca Thomas, who chose the name from her favorite poem by Robert Hass. Rebecca is a gypsy at heart who takes any chance she can to hop a 10+ hour flight and get lost in places far away from her current digs in Greenpoint Brooklyn (where she also has been known to get lost). Recently she has been assembling the bits and pieces of vintage jewelry she picks up in her travels into the items on this site.

An erstwhile poetry student, engraved verse is prominent in her work, like a secret, kept close to your heart.


100% Hand Engraved

Our work stands out because it is all done completely by hand. Your items will all have fine craftsmanship, but not look like they were mass-produced at a kiosk in a shopping mall.

Pumpkinseed Jewelry is more than happy to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you'd like, how you'd like it. 

We are happy to offer discounted prices on large orders, for example:

  1. Wedding, Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts- For your special day, give gifts that are specific to the people in your party, with names, dates, or the names of the bride and groom on your gifts. 
  2. Corporate Gifts - inquire for a quote on any bulk order and have your gift not end up collecting dust somewhere...show your employees and your customers that they are special to you by personalizing.
  3. Graduation Gifts - Mark this special time by customizing your words of support and encouragement on a special gift.

Contact us at pumpkinseedjewelry@gmail.com with any questions

...I want everybody to be able to carry on their history and their secret messages for as long as possible, and that’s why I engrave. To keep our messages alive, even when we can’t keep telling them....
— Rebecca Thomas, Founder, Pumpkinseed Jewelry